..::MG store rules::..
Rule 1: The MG Special JJ2 Version (Private and Public) , is preferable to have got MSN Messenger to evade bad accidents. If you haven't got MSN Messenger, try to download it, and for the moment i'll give you a link to download the MG JJ2 Version (Private and Public).
Rule 2: If you give away the MG password or the link to download the MG Special JJ2 version, no matter who, you will be instantly Banned from MG clan.
Rule 3: If you are a Platinum Member, you can share new ideas and prepare future trainings.
 Rule 4: If you are a Gold Member, you can be admin in MG servers, share new ideas, prepare future trainings and make join new people to MG clan. (You only can be a Gold Member if you was before a Platinum member).
Rule 5: If you are a Leader, you can be admin in MG servers, share new ideas, prepare future trainings, make join new people to MG clan, ban and kick people consulting me and make ClanWars. (You can't be a MG Leader before being a Gold Member).
Rule 5: If you are a Boss you can do everything. (Except eliminating MG clan. You only can be MG Boss before being a MG Leader).
Rule 6: Upgrate a Skill / Agility can make you get harder trainings to be better.
Rule 7: Upgrating Friendly can make you get more respects. If  a MG member unrespect you with a higer Friendly, can be Banned from MG, and if a random dude unrespect you with higger Friendly, he will get in the NoobsZone.
Rule 8: Every insult you say, lowers you 1 MG point.
Rule 9: If you want to buy / upgrate something, you must be with me (Snake [MG]) and tell me to buy or upgrate.
If i'm not online, you can tell to buy or upgrate in the chat zone.
Rule 10: You only can win MG points if im with you, or taking screenshots. (Thats why MSN Messenger is so usefully)
Rule 11: ENJOY!!!

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