..::MG clan rules for members::..
Rule 1: Never insult. Every bad word you lose 1 MG point.
Saying 10 bad words in row you will be Banned from MG.
Rule 2: Never spam. Spaming can make you get kicked permanently from MG. (Max: 5 messages)
Rule 3: Respect people. If someone has a bad conduct with you try to don't get mad, if its an extreme reason i'll talk to him.
Rule 4: Don't do the nooblike (Crazy things as renaming random people, kicking / banning people with no reason, etc...)
Rule 5: Don't give away any MG thing (password, MG jj2 version...), if you do, you will get banned from MG.
Rule 6: You must respect orders of superiors (Platino members, Gold members, Leaders and Bosses).
Rule 7: Never give orders to a superior / respect superiors. If you don't respect a superior, you lose 5 MG points.
Rule 8: Don't fight with another clans. (It only can be done by Bosses and Leaders)
Rule 9: Don't fake / hack / cheat in your friend's server (You only can cheat joking or with permission).
Rule 10: Every training lost without an especification, will lower you 2 MG points.
Rule 11: Never put a MG training server without telling me the password. (This rule only for when i'm online) If you do it, can lower you 5 MG points.

Rule 12: If you don't connect to jj2 in 10 days, your member data will be Inactive. If you don't connect to jj2 in 30 days, you will be kicked temporarily, but if you connect and have got a good specification for why you left you will be restarted. (Any MG points or updates will be changed or restarted to 0)
Rule 13 (GOLD RULE): We don't admit random people, just trustable friends to evade clanhoppers.

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