..::MG Store::..

Welcome to MG store, here you can buy and upgrate.

Here the prices:

Upgrate Skill: 70 MG points.
Upgrate Agility: 65 MG points.
Upgrate Friendly: 60 MG points.

(You can also win Skill/Agility/Friendly points with those methodes:
Every training assisted and trained at least 1 h = 1% Skill
If you have the first kill [On training/duel servers] or win the test on the first place = 1% Agility
If i see that you are good with people = 1% Friendly)

Buy the MG Special JJ2+ Version: 60 MG points.
Buy the Private MG Special JJ2+ Version: 80 MG points.
Upgrate your MG JJ2+ (Private & Public): 30 MG points.
Buy the Secret MG's vocabulaire: 30 MG points.

Be a Platinum Member: 100 MG points.
Be a Gold Member: 300 MG points.
Be a Leader: 500 MG points.
Be a Boss: 1000 MG points.

NOTE: Read the MG store rules (it's under the link of this page)

*The MG points can only be obtained by MG members.
It consists that when you win a certain Gamemode (Test, Battle, CTF, etc...) you win the MG points, and, what you can do with them?, i'll explain here:
MG points can be used like money, there are many things to buy and upgrate. Visit the MG store rules for more info.

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